The testimonials from Our Clients

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Hear from our satisfied customers on our services of architecture and design.

Testimonials from our clients

Excellent office of architecture, designs, and proposals according to each client and with a great quality in every work.

Darwin Jesus Mac Dzul
Excellent treatment and results to the client, I had the good fortune to work for the architect Traconis and I also took a large breath of a human copy, which gave me the honor of knowing.
Guadalupe Vega
Aida Traconis Alcocer, is an architect with extensive studies and experience in landscaping and interior design. Their works speak for her and his valuable team work.

Standard Fair
It was very good work, and above all punctuality cleaning and work of first quality
Fabiola Garcia jacobo
The. Best office architecture
alekz Vega
Among the best architecture studios in the city, amazing work and professional development in the area
Ricardo Mimenza Maple
Excellent job, not only of design, but also interior design, has an exquisite taste to decorate and suggest changes to ensure that every area of the home to be felt with different materials.
Daniela Tracal
Highly professional service and excellent direct treatment. Best option in Merida for architecture and design.
Joaquín Acevedo Vouchers
Excellent treatment and a first-class job, highly recommended.
Jorge Cardenas