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Mtra. in Arq. the Psje. Aida Manón Traconis Alcocer

Aida Manón Traconis Alcocer, is training Architect, Master in Architecture, Landscape, Management and Transformation of New Territories Tour by the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture in Mexico, D. F., and Course Higher University “Interior Design” in ELLE Decoration + Complutense University of Madrid.

Founder and director of, architectural office located in Merida, Yucatan, mexico, dedicated to perform arquitecura contemporary is to integrate natural and urban environments, taking into account the relationship of the user with the environment, seeking in this way results that are favorable to all involved: the client, the designer and habitat, helping to exalt the qualities of the user. Currently the firm is highly trained to meet the challenges of this era of globalization, offering new services, addressing solutions for open spaces of various scales with a holistic approach to architectural design and landscaping, cutting tourist, social, environmental, and residential, with bases in sustainability. The work of today requires a well-coordinated with the client, both in design and in the development of strategies for the achievement of the desired goals, creating projects that meet the immediate and future needs.

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In this work, the challenge was to rescue the eighty percent of the existing construction, priority specified by the customer, raising a reassessment of the structure and the architectural space. As a second priority is considered to be the exploitation of the available natural resources: sun, vegetation, wind, being important to take into account the climatic factors, elements involved in the remodeling of the architectural space and of thermal equilibrium, since the majority of the spaces are oriented favorably to the North making spaces fresh, open, and with optimal natural lighting and ventilation, focusing on the reduction of the demand of conventional energy by taking advantage of alternative energy sources.

When you arrive at the main entrance we are greeted and communicated subtly with a space of double height to accommodate the room as a space that dominates both the ground floor and upstairs, this being one of the most important spaces in the composition of the project, noting this space with the granite Saupe in shades of emerald green, harbor to the user.

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Memory Descriptive House JC-ROA

Every element of the vegetative he was rescued and taken into account in the remodeling, framing our disclosures and helping to give freshness to our spaces, connecting these with the design of water mirrors to create microclimates giving the user feelings of grandeur, spaciousness and serenity, improving the quality of life of the user. Managed the integration of the architectural object to its context while maintaining the indoor - outdoor relationship, using resources such as the covered terraces and sheltered to take advantage of all connection with the outside but protecting these spaces from the sunlight with the use of pergolas.

The color of the surfaces, proposed in walls, floors, doors, and walls of remate visual are not a fluke but rather they arise from a rationality of empirical, to fulfill a purpose and a specific role to give spaces a unique character and transmitting the whole idea blunt. The solid look and the massif which form its structure, and that is completely the exterior contrasts with the transparency achieved by the large format of your windows, spacious terraces that are interwoven in this composition.

The housing program is divided into two floors: On the upper floor are located the intimate area and on the ground floor of their services, the area's social and family life. Its structure is reinforced with girders of steel, leaving them to the view that they would have a double meaning, aesthetic, and structural. Will I seek the comfort and maximize the functionality of spaces, creating an environment in defining the personality of the client. It is planned the development of the project, such as the selection of materials, furniture, lighting, finishes, textures on floors and walls, as their coatings.

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