Roof Gardens / GREEN ROOFS

About the Sustainability of the sky of your home
Benefits of a green Roof

  • Air cleaning
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Decrease temperature
  • Dust reduction
  • Energy saving
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Considerable economic benefit

Enjoy a Roof Garden
It is also known as a Roof Terrace.

Having a Roof Garden at home is to have an area to enjoy and achieve that Zen moment which we all need at some point in time or a productive space; likewise, it is also an investment project and environmental contribution, increases the real estate value of the property, provides us with aesthetics. Helps you to function to increase the oxygen levels in some cities, provides tax benefits in relation to the property tax.

In the case of the buildings that they want to achieve a LEED certificate have to reckon with a Roof Garden. Ideal applications for a Roof Garden are: Social Spaces, Family Spaces, Corporate Spaces, and of Contemplation.

If every house would have a green roof, it would be possible to decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide and reverse global warming

Preserves the planet

A green roof improves the quality of air, filtered gases are harmful to health and with virtually zero maintenance while reducing the levels of pollution.

Save and enjoy more your home

A green roof reduces the temperature between 3 to 4 degrees C. , saves energy and facilitates the isolation of sounds . Besides, recent studies demonstrate that contributes to greater productivity.

Your house Unique and Unrepeatable

Improving the aesthetic and emotional connection with your home while boosting its value-added, it also helps you to have a life more healthy.